Latest Bed Models

Our Bedrooms, one of the rooms we use most in our house, provide added value to some of us. One of the most important factors we pay attention to when designing our bedrooms is whether our room is stylish, now let’s examine the newest and most trendy bedroom models together:

Prime Master Bed

Prime Master Sleeping Set, which adds a magnificent visual presentation to your homes with its stylish design, eye-catching simplicity and stylish color option, contributes to a healthy sleep period with its orthopedic mattress preference.

Nesta Bed

The Nesta sleeping set, which has the most beautiful shade of gray, provides a modern look to your bedrooms. Nesta sleeping set, which is specially produced for sports and stylish lovers, is among the preferences of those who love simplicity and want to attract attention.

Prime Bed

While its simple attitude provides the Prime sleeping set with coolness, the metal fringes on the headboard provide a simple elegance to the sleeping set. While the body-friendly mattress contributes to your health, it also protects your mental health.

Latte Bed

With its striking illuminated design, it offers a fascinating look to your bedrooms. The color preference that harmonizes with the light provides the room with double the sparkle and becomes the subject of magnificent scenes.

Aston Bed

The sparkle given by the metal details on the headboard adds air to the Aston sleeping set and provides a sporty look. With its ergonomic structure, it helps you to provide long-lasting and healthy use.

Comfort Bed

İkili renk kombini ve bazasında bulunan asimetrik detaylar şık ve sade bir hava katıyor. Baza kısmındaki asimetrikler uyku setini tamamlayacak unsur oluşturmaktadır.

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