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Mattresses, which are produced in accordance with the desired hardness and desired dimensions, are produced from springs that will not disrupt the body structure and provide support. Mattresses, which are produced in accordance with every body structure, are produced to be suitable for every weight and every size structure. Sevyat Bedding, Turkey’s largest mattress manufacturer, provides services not only to Turkey but also to the world. Sevyat Bed, which produces every mattress with care, provides people with a healthy life by providing quality production…

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King Size Mattress Topper

Our company, which produces King Size Mattress Topper, provides special production for you without hindering your height. The king size mattress, which is produced specially for each body structure, offers you healthy lives that will increase your living standards in preventing obstacles. Let’s discover the benefits of King size mattress together;

  • Recognizing your body structure provides a quality and healthy life.
  • It is produced in a size and system that will support all weight and height structures.
  • It provides support to the painful areas on your body.
  • It is produced from quality and healthy fabrics.
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King Mattress 

King Mattress, which first comes to mind when it comes to safe and healthy mattresses, is one of the most preferred mattress types in terms of being healthy. King Mattress is not only healthy, but also has a comfortable use. This type of bed, which is used in every area, is also used as a hotel, guest bed, etc.

The king mattress, which has a system that offers a healthy life, has a magnificent supporting spring system and pad system. It defines the structure of your body and provides support from certain areas according to its weight and body curve.

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King Size Memory Foam Mattress

  • It has a system often referred to as “viscoelastic” polyurethane foam or low resilience polyurethane foam.
  • The high-density memory foam softens in immediate response to body heat and transforms into a warm body in a matter of minutes, providing comfortable body support.
  • It allows the foam to be restored to its original shape more quickly after one kilo has been removed.
  • It is offered as an advantageous production by memory foam mattress manufacturers, who can talk about new generation foams with faster recovery.
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Hybrid Mattress

King Size Hybrid Mattress

  • King size hybrid mattress is one of the healthiest mattresses produced by combining many technological mattress features. The king size hybrid mattress, which has multiple features, is suitable for all types of body structures, so it can be used in all areas.
  • King size hybrid mattress offers healthy sleep regardless of the weight, body structure or different body support of the people. It provides adequate support by discovering the area in your body that needs support.
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