How often should you turn a pocket sprung mattress?

Sleep allows us to live as healthier individuals by producing immunity that helps to protect our mental health and normal health. Every person needs sleep for a smarter brain and healthier body. While the sleep system affects people’s health, it also affects their psychology. According to the researches, it is observed that individuals who get their sleep are healthier, happier and more positive than those who have sleep problems. It does not provide the same transformation in night sleep and daytime sleep. Nighttime sleep takes away fatigue and creates a more relaxing effect. These are the factors that affect sleep. In addition to these, bed preference is among the factors affecting sleep. The main reason for this is the wrong bed choice. While choosing the right mattress, it is necessary to pay attention to some points. Let’s examine together what ways should be followed in choosing the right bed;

  • We need to know the body type.
  • We need to know the parts of our body that weigh on us.
  • We need to find the mattress that is suitable for our weight.
  • We need to know the bed that will support our height.
  • Which spring system we need to know better

The spring system is one of the issues that we should pay attention to the most. Mattresses using many spring systems have varieties that are suitable for every body structure. Pocket Spring System, which is one of the frequently preferred spring systems, provides a healthy life with the support it provides to the body. The pocket spring system, which provides support to 5 different parts of the body, has a magnificent supporting spring as it is produced within healthy forms. Reversing the pocket spring systems while cleaning helps to kill the bacteria. It is good to replace mattresses with pocket spring system every 7 years. It helps you sleep better in terms of quality, because the systems used in the beds have a certain period of use, regardless of the quality of the bed. We recommend that you change the use of your mattresses between 7-10 years. Check out Pocket spring system mattress models now;

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