Choosing the Right Mattress in 10 Steps

Right Bed Step by Step

  1. A good mattress should protect the S-shaped structure in your body. If it is not protected, there may be stinging or structural defect in the bone.
  2. For a good sleep, it is necessary to protect the limbs that are connected to the joint in the body and the areas that serve as context in our body.
  3. Too many hard mattresses can upset your body balance. For this reason, it is not recommended to sleep on too hard beds.
  4. It should not be too soft. A very soft mattress may cause a disorder in your body structure by not supporting the places in our body that need to be supported.
  5. Bed selection should be made in accordance with seasonal conditions. It should protect body temperature in cold weather and should not sweat in hot weather.
  6. The right mattress should minimize the risk of disease by providing the moisture balance that the body needs without sweating.
  7. It should be suitable for your waist and back structure that will not disturb your body balance. Each body type should be based on conditions such as the weight and waist structure of the person.
  8. Mattresses produced in the system that will support your body weight should be selected. Your weight changes the slope of the backbone at maximum or minimum levels. It should be a bed suitable for the slope.
  9. Bed selection should be made in accordance with the height and weight index. Mattresses that cannot support your height or weight can disrupt your sleep patterns and greatly affect your health.
  10. Spring systems suitable for your body type should be used. There is a spring system mattress suitable for every body type. Your preferences should be accordingly.


We examined how to choose the right mattress in 10 Steps. Our health is more important than anything else and a healthy life goes through a good sleep. In order to protect your health and to be more fit, when choosing a mattress, be sure to choose healthy mattresses suitable for your body. Explore the mattresses section to discover the most suitable mattress for your body.

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