5 Bed Models to Choose in 2022

There are many factors to consider when choosing a bed. While these elements allow us to sleep better, they will also help us wake up in a fit and healthy way. Unhealthy sleep not only makes us tired physically, but also causes us to have a mental breakdown. Lack of sleep and sleep that is not taken regularly causes us to get sick more quickly by lowering our immune system. If you do not want these to happen to you, do not forget the factors that you should consider when choosing a bed.
Let’s say we have met these conditions, but isn’t it important that the bed is eye-catching? Of course, if we have provided the conditions suitable for health conditions, which is our first priority, let’s explore 5 bed models that will leave their mark on 2022.

1.) Relax Sleeping Set

The Relax Sleeping set continues to take its place at the head of your homes with its color and healthy structure. While the softest tone of coffee gives you and your home comfort, at the same time, its light color makes your walls look wider and takes the size of your home to the next level. The high leg alternative provides easier use during cleaning. In this way, you can clean even the most extreme parts of the mattress without pulling or pushing. This will save you from lower back and back pain. The Relax base headboard, which has a design look, continues to bring elegance to your homes while presenting the handcrafts of the architects. Finally, having a base bed provides an alternative space in your home, allowing you to get rid of the impossibility of messy goods and no space.

2.)Vuitton Sleeping Set

Vuitton Sleeping Set continues to fascinate with its modern lines and contemporary design. While showing us a visual show with the vuitton sleeping set image, which creates a different aesthetic perception, its easy-to-clean fabric is the most advantageous first premise designed for you. Designed for those who want modern breezes at home, the vuitton bed base cap breaks the perceptions and gives you the advantage of the illuminated bed base. It provides an advantage for those who like high beds. The orthopedic pad not only provides a visual feast, but also protects your health.

3.)Estello Sleeping Set

Estello Sleeping Set is specially produced for vintage lovers. The estollla sleeping set, which makes you feel the breeze of the 1900s, offers a tour of history to your homes with its French style atmosphere. Thanks to its high legs, it provides comfortable cleaning and also provides an alternative for those who love high beds. While the light color option refreshes your homes, it also helps to enlarge the size of the place where it is located. Finally, Orthopedic Specially designed plush fabric warmly welcomes your body with its soft texture. The high-density sponge layer supporting the extra-full soft sleeping pad and Sevyat’s special steel bonel spring system gradually reduce the feeling of softness, providing the spine support your body needs and creating a healthy sleep environment.

4.)CCS Sleep Set

CCS Sleeping Set has been specially produced for sports lovers at home by completing its modern design with a soft-textured sports head. The short wings on the headboard of the bed add a design look to the sports sleeping set, adding a completely different dimension to the sports style. The ideal arrangement of the layers in the CCS mattress provides maximum comfort by supporting the body from every point. The CCS mattress, which does not contain springs, consists of a high density plate sponge, bird feather sponge and visco comfort layer, the proportions of which are carefully determined. The first time you go to bed, the visco comfort layer welcomes your body softly, and the ideal spine support is provided by plate sponge and feather soft sponge. Highly air permeable silicon fiber and visco comfort layer strengthens the air circulation of your mattress and provides a perfect sleep experience.

5.)Dream Sleeping Set

Dream Sleep Set has succeeded in getting into the luxury sleeping sets masterfully crafted by Sevyat. Its passionate color is specially produced for those who want to attract attention. Bringing a different breath to the bedrooms, the dream sleeping set prevents back and low back pain without pushing or pulling with easy-to-clean high legs. It has a soft pad feature and thanks to the pocket spring technology, which consists of independent springs packed in separate fabrics, spouses of different heights and weights are not disturbed by involuntary turns during sleep. The orthopedic layer on both surfaces supports the perfect spine support provided by the pocket spring technology. Silicon fiber with high air permeability on its surface allows your mattress to breathe more easily and prevents you from sweating. Thanks to its soft-textured plush fabric, it opens the doors of a warm sleep experience for you.

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